High Sierra Custom Door supplies a variety of decorative hardware to help you create a unique design statement for your home.  We offer everything from entry door handles and knobs to mantels, dutch shelves and chalkboard doors. 

Diamond Clavos

Antique Copper, Pewter, and Antique Brass

clavos 1.png

Round Clavos

Antique Brass, Pewter, and Antique Copper

clavos 2.png


Diamond Clavos - Black Finish

clavos 3.png


Rustic Clavos - Oxidized & Unfinished

clavos 4.png  

Round Clavos - Black Finish

clavos 5.png

Hand Speakeasy

hand forged speakeasy.png


Diamond Clavos - Black Finish

 clavos 6.png

Wood Speakeasy with Iron Grill

wood speakeasy.png



Door Straps

Arrow Straps

arrow straps.png

Maverick Strap and Wildflower Strap

other straps.png

Speakeasy Latch and Hinges

latch & hinges.png