Custom Exterior Doors

High Sierra Custom Door specializes in building custom exterior doors, including custom entry doors, custom patio doors and custom back doors. We carpenter several different types of exterior doors:

  • Steel doors that enter into the side of a garage
  • Weather resistant, fiberglass doors
  • Bear proof, refuse doors
  • Arched double door, wooden entry system; complete with sidelights and transom
  • Prehung Rixon Pivot custom entry doors
  • Fire rated doors

Custom Steel Doors

We offer more than just custom wood doors; we offer custom steel doors for garages. We’ll work with you to create the perfect garage door made from your preference of materials.  If you’re ready to design your dream door, call us at 530-587-1993 today or come visit our showroom in Truckee.

Custom Fiberglass Doors

If you’re looking for a custom entry door that’s extremely weather resistant, our fiberglass doors might be a good option. Because we manufacture craft doors, we can create a high-quality, professionally designed and styled fiberglass door for your residence.

Refuse Doors

Refuse doors are required for residences that live in bear country. Bear proof doors aren’t known for their fashion, but that doesn’t mean they have to be tasteless of style. Let us help create tasteful refuse doors for your property.

Arched Double Doors

Whatever type of door you’re looking for, you’ll find high-quality options for custom front doors and custom back doors at our showroom in Truckee. Craftsman double entry doors have always been a favorite amongst our customers. Arched double doors come with the option of a wooden entry system, including sidelights and transoms.

Rixon Pivot Hinges

We are happy to accommodate any and all requests for custom exterior doors. The demand for prehung Rixon Pivot entry systems has increased in recent years as this type of custom exterior door has gained in popularity.

Fire Rated Entry Door

Fire rated doors are readily available and typically required by code when transitioning from the main living area into a garage. We offer 20-minute, 45-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute fire rated doors. Our fire rated doors can be designed to match the type and style of doors in your residence.

Wood Door Types

Exterior wood doors can be made using any specie of wood. Take a look at all of the wood types we offer.

When deciding on what type of wood to use for your custom exterior door, consider whether the door will be placed in a high traffic area and determine the level of exposure to natural elements. Different wood types offer different levels of durability.

Our qualified sales team is readily available to advise you in the design, wood type, and wood finish of your custom entry door. We’ll help address any concerns you may have in relation to elemental exposure from nature, such as:

  • Sun
  • Moisture
  • Temperature extremes

Sun and moisture can cause finishes to fail in wooden doors. This can ultimately lead to the separation of joints within the grain of the wood; destroying the door. Extreme temperatures can cause wood doors to warp; producing problems in sealing.

Create Your Custom Exterior Door

We’re the go-to custom door makers around Lake Tahoe, California. Call us at 530-587-1993 today or come visit our showroom in Truckee to start designing your custom entry doors.

Custom Exterior Door